Sheloshim (First thirty days)

The secondary period of mourning is called Sheloshim which includes the first thirty days after the funeral. The rent ribbon or garment is worn during the Sheloshim period except on the Sabbath and Festivals. Mourners should not participate in any festivity or amusement during these thirty days. In the case where the deceased was a parent, this principle applies for the entire first year.

Visitation at Graves

Visitation at graves of departed may be made as often as one wishes following the period of Sheloshim. It is customary to visit graves during the months of Elul and Tishri, prior to the High Holy Days particularly.

Yahrzeit (Anniversary of day of death)

The Yahrzeit is observed annually on the date of death. When three or more days have elapsed from the day of death until the interment, the first Yahrzeit is observed on the anniversary of the interment, and thereafter, it is observed on the anniversary of the death.

The Yahrzeit commences on the preceding day at sunset and is concluded on the anniversary day of death at sunset.

During this time, the Yahrzeit light is kept burning and Kaddish is recited in the synagogue during services.

It is customary to make a charitable contribution to the memory of the deceased.

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